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Life Mastery
The abilities are already within you!
This book will help you reconfigure.
Existential Identity
Life starts and ends with you.
Learn to shape your timeline.
Fear,  Failure, Death
Overcome fear, overcome death. Take look inside the book to find out how.

The Get Your Mojo Back book will help you:

  •  Unlock your true self
  • ​Become who you want to be
  • ​Escape limiting beliefs
  • ​Discover your true identity

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It’s our mission to give the handbook of self-recovery to anyone who needs it. All the proceeds we make from the book get put into our donations to mental health charities and giveback projects.

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If it’s free, you’ll just throw it away. So we made it 50% off. Just pay shipping for the paperback so your subconscious mind can appreciate the fact that you are investing in yourself. Then you get the handbook, and access to the community forever.

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Become the Director of your life. The architect of your destiny. The scientist of your life’s great experiment.

Community full of self-recovery enthusiasts on their way up in life. Network and engage with people with direct chats, Live Calls, and lesson feedback.
Frank M.

Fantastic quick read!! One that you’ll want to go back to again and again. The material provides definite hope, and light. Life can be rewritten. A straightforward pocket guide to taking ownership of your being. Electricity to the soul, that you’re going to want to meditate on for awhile.


"You probably hate your life, and you probable think there's no way out. You're wrong. This guy wrote the way out."
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Anthony B.

"He knows what he's talking about. Just ordered my own copy. This man is somebody that I personally know (to a small degree.) He's shown that his book is a projection of his own thoughts. Everything he says is genuine."
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Abigail C. 

I was able to get access to Anthony’s e-book. This book has a lot of great concepts that I wish he would unpack even more. It is a great introductory to recovering from depression or suicidal ideation. Many people nowadays feel like LIfe is not worth living and what should they do if they get in that headspace mentally? Thanks, Anthony for creating and writing this book. I’m looking forward to more!

Here's What Happened...

It took years of failing, experimenting, and researching to Finally Write This Book...

Since I started in 2014…

I’ve experienced many successes, and I’ve faced many failures.
I’m not talking just little things. I’ve failed many times, on many levels of life. Not just on the stage from age 15 to 24, but in business after that, and even in a cage in front of 700 people!
Many of these moments were torturous, certainly. But today I’m more grateful for them than I am for my successes. Very much so. 
I wouldn’t have become the person I am today if it weren’t for trial by fire.
These experiences honed my sword to a fine point. 
In 2014, I made the fateful decision to live, after months of ideating suicide. To RECONSTRUCT MY IDENTITY.
And over the next four, five, six, and seven years I continued to develop the path of personal development I call Self-Understanding.

It’s taken me seven years and more to get where I am now. And my story is still being written. 
But right now it’s my goal to help you change your own story. I’m here to give you the handbook.

That’s the GOOD NEWS! So here’s what it is…

The many thousands of dollars and hours I’ve invested in personal development and spiritual understanding, I've compiled and distilled for you to consume in the most convenient ways possible. 
All my years of experimenting, failing, learning, and benefitting from the principles and methods for your immediate benefit.
I’m still on the path of self-mastery, and I hope you will join me along the 5-fold path in this book.

How a child missionary came face to face with Death, more than once, and found the “God of All Gods” on the other side of it.

How a violent car wreck condemned him to depression.

How suicide ideation led him to a new path of spiritual enlightenment and personal development which set up this foundation of Self-Understanding principles. 
“This is the book on existential identity. About understanding your existential identity and using the exploration of self as a platform for self-improvement.”

Get Your Mojo Back is the re-development manual. Self-confidence is an existential proposition. Deep meaning and contribution are available to all through conscious self-analysis and development. Learn how to develop your physical, mental, and spiritual mojo.

Make a game out of mastering life, and level up by practicing your self-expression. 

- Mojo Development
- Life Mastery
- Identity
- Social Dynamics
- Ruling Your Kingdom
- Fear, Failure, Death
- The principles in this book will help build your character to withstand the tests of Time.

“Where this author shows particular expertise is his willingness to confront death and translate the meaning of the pains of life. And it shows in this book and he teaches with uncensored clarity and dutiful simplicity. This is self-help 2.0."

“This is new-age spirituality meets personal development on steroids.”

"Not another habits book. He merges individual enlightenment with personal development in a very convincing way. "

A manifesto from a former Christian missionary's experience with death several times over. 

A generational self-help handbook with raw, uncensored life hacking concepts. 

Read this book If you are ready to identify your existential meaning, life purpose, and become the DIRECTOR OF YOUR LIFE.
Get Your Mojo Back is a DEPRESSION RECOVERY handbook filled with principles to help you build a new character for yourself. Depression causes existential confusion. This book is a guide to course correction. A devotional guide to conscious pain-meaning direction.

A DISTILLATION of techniques, concepts, and principles used to reshape your identity at any point in your timeline. Put your experience into a comprehensive structure of your own principles to use navigate your course and become the DIRECTOR OF YOUR LIFE. 

You are the director of your life movie. 

The architect of your destiny. 

The scientist of your life's great experiment.
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